The cooperative openmobility aims to jointly design and operate an open digital marketplace for mobility.

This marketplace should

  • be open and non-discriminatory,
  • provide a simple, secure in inexpensive sales solution for service providers,
  • provide mobility services simply, reliably and inexpensively for innovative intermediaries, particularly outside of the mobility industry,
  • support the economic goals of the public sector and, if necessary, allow for control options, particularly in the case of traffic system overload.


The members of the cooperative «Open Mobility Platform Switzerland» are committed to binding, jointly agreed values:

  • openmobility operates an open model: any interested party (intermediary or service provider) may connect to the digital marketplace as long as it commits to openmobility’s governance.
  • The intermediaries and service providers remain self-determined and thus retain ownership of their customer and company data.
  • There is no exclusivity: the services connected to the marketplace are basically available to all intermediaries.
  • The design of the marketplace is a joint effort.
  • openmobility is independent and is based on a broad, equal partnership.
  • openmobility cooperates with all relevant authorities and institutions in order to support the achievement of the overriding goals of sustainable and connected mobility.
  • openmobility does not operate its own sales channel and is therefore not in competition with the intermediaries.
  • Data protection and transparency are designed in such a way that the end customer retains control over his data.


The cooperative is registered since February 2020 in Herisau (AR). The members of the board:

  • Felix Engelhard 
  • Andreas Kronawitter (linkedin)
  • Thomas Küchler, Président
  • Anne-Claire Pliska (linkedin)
  • Claude-Alain Vaucher (linkedin)


The below-mentioned body of members of the cooperative «Open Mobility Platform Switzerland» is made up of Swiss companies from throughout the country’s entire mobility industry.


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